Security Cameras: The Digital Eyes of the day

We live in a world where security is the most critical concern, irrespective of the size and type of the business. One might take any number of precautions to prevent theft or malpractices altogether, but intruders will find a way to get in and get out with all your hard earned money or possessions. Prevention is better than cure, but if we have little control on the prevention part, it is better to equip ourselves firmly for the cure part. This is where security cameras come in.

Security cameras act as your digital eye except that they don’t need any rest. They work 24*7 adding extra layers to your security plans (check Power Moves). According to a survey, having a fully functioning security camera could reduce the probability of theft or burglary by 80%. Intruders do not want their faces or their working processes to be recorded and revealed. When it comes to choosing a right security camera, there are only two best options to choose from.


Arlo has been in the business of security cameras for many years, and they provide top notch security services for any business. They understand the pain involved in installing security cameras regarding money and time. That is the reason all the Arlo products are at reasonable prices and are easy to install without any need for professional installation. They blend in with the environment of your office or business. They can be accessed wirelessly to personalize videos, notifications, and can even be accessed from computers or mobile devices. All the products or Weatherproof, wire-free and rechargeable to keep them up and running all the time. They offer a two-way communication were you can listen anything that happens around the camera using a microphone and even talk back to your phone using the speaker. It has infrared, meaning it works even in pitch black darkness. Some other features include 130-degree viewing angle, motion detection, 8x zoom, voice control, built-in siren, cloud store etc.


Blink offers all the features that Arlo offers too. The main difference is that Blink is more of an indoor and home solution. It works for businesses too, but Arlo offers better business solutions. Blink cameras can run for up to 2 years on a single battery recharge. Some features of Blink cameras include HD video, instant alerts, Temperature sensors, live view, motion detection, outdoor use, weatherproof, infrared night vision. One additional feature of Blink is that they work on all Alexa- enabled devices such as Echo or Echo Dot and can easily integrate with smart-home brands like SmartThings, Philips Hue.

Arlo vs. Blink

In terms of functioning and quality, both the brands offer almost similar performance. But, one has to choose depending on their need. It is better to go to Arlo for your business or workplace needs as they provide affordable business solutions and packages. For home needs, it is better to opt Blink as it integrates easily into existing security systems.